A trip on a hot day to two cemeteries near me to find two Chasseur graves

My daughter Rachel has been using the regimental roster and Findagrave.com to locate almost 100 more 65th NY soldier graves around the country. While it will necessitate another trip north to the Western part of New York state to visit up to 20 graves she has located, today I traveled to nearby New Rochelle, NY to find Sgt. Warren Dodge’s grave. Then, to Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx to find Private Elijah Phillips. Though I didn’t have a photo of Dodge’s gravesite, I did have a location on Findagrave, and the map at the entrance to the Beechwoods cemetery told me where Section 8 was. It didn’t take long to find him, and happily the recent damage from Tropical Storm Isaias, which included a large tree branch down over nearby graves, has spared Dodge’s stone. Sgt. Dodge transferred into Co. D of the 65th with the rest of the 67th NY on Sept. 1, 1864, and he served with the Chasseurs until his discharge on June 23, 1865. I laid a flag at his grave, adding to the one already there, and then headed back to the car on a very hot afternoon.

I posted 2 photos of Dodge’s grave for his Findagrave.com page, then drove another 15 minutes or so down to the Bronx to the beautiful Woodlawn Cemetery to find Elijah Phillips’ grave. Marked by a GAR flagholder which is gorgeous in its own right, I found Phillips’ grave in the Fern section of the cemetery, near the lake. Though I walked almost the whole section before I found him, I had parked my car perhaps 100 feet from his grave site so might have done better to look along the roadway first. 🙂 Private Phillips enlisted in January 1864 and served until he was discharged in July 1865.

Though compared to my recent trips to multiple graveyards in Ohio and in upstate New York, this trip today was easy, it was no less rewarding to get a chance to honor two more members of the 65th New York Volunteer infantry. The fact that they are close to my home, if recently discovered, makes me all the more glad to visit and honor them for their contributions to saving their country during the Civil War.

Sergeant Warren Dodge, 65th NY Volunteer Infantry
Private Elijah Phillips’ grave in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York
The wonderful GAR plaque from the Alexander Hamilton GAR chapter, in front of Phillips grave.

Published by 65th NY Guy

I am a high school history teacher in my 32nd year of teaching. I have been studying the 65th NY Infantry, my great-great grandfather's regiment, since 1993. After 8 years of writing, I recently finally published my history of the regiment, "No Flinching From Fire." I also coach cross country and track and field, and I have a wife and two daughters.

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